Stradbroke Island Weather

Stradbroke Island has a wonderful sub tropical climate although in summer you may be forgiven for thinking that you were much further north. The weather is warm all year round with beautiful sunshine on most days. During the winter the daytime temperatures are in the low 20’s with nights being a little cool so warmer clothes are needed. There are not too many rainy days during the winter and you would be extremely unlucky to strike more than one or two in a row.

Summer is glorious with top temperature in the high 20’s to low 30’s and overnight minimums rarely going below 20. Rainfall in summer is usually very brief by way of an afternoon storm which usually is gone as quick as it arrived.

Although water temperatures in winter are quite cool, the brave can still have a quick dip in the water although summertime is much more preferable with water temperature in summer usually in the mid 20’s, making swimming delightful.

Being a sand island mosquitoes and sand flies can and do make their presence felt, especially in the warmer months for be sure to have some repellent on hand.

This is vital if you are camping as these annoying insects can ruin a perfectly good holiday. Other bugs are not too much of a problem although flies will love any food stuff left out and seem to appear from nowhere when you decide it is meal time. Avoid leaving food uncovered and a little repellant on your person will keep them away from your face where they can annoy you most.