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North Stradbroke Island

North Straddie occupies the biggest area of the Moreton Bay islands. Accessed by water taxis or vehicular barges from Cleveland or Redland Bay. These services connect with Brisbane's local trains and buses.

Point Lookout, Queensland's easternmost point, has one of Australia's prettiest headland walks. Below the headland, Main beach stretches 34km to the south with punchy beachbreaks that are best on NW winds, although they can handle W-SW and NE winds reasonably well. Most people surf in the northernmost half-kilometer, so heaps of good waves go unexplored further along the beach.

Frenchmans Beach, Stradbroke Island

Main Beach and Frenchmans are the easternmost breaks in Australia and are pretty raw, demanding lots of paddling on a rising swell. Frenchmans is the more workable wave with good take-offs. Best on SW-S and W winds, when it can be both fun and frustrating.

Cylinder and Deadmans are offshore on SE and S winds respectively. Although lacking the consistency of the more open beaches, they occasionally produce magic conditions. Both breaks have a killer rip that won't let you stop paddling on NE-SE swells so be ready to work for your waves. North Stradbroke and Moreton have fair sized and well-established pecking orders. So bring your manners and take only a fair share of waves. If you get in tight with the crew they'll show you the scenery and fill you in on a rich island history that you would otherwise miss.

Please keep an eye on the flags when surfing at North Stradbroke.

Please check out our page on Straddie surf beaches for more information on swimming and beach information!