Stradbroke Island Surf Beaches

If you like the beach, you'll love the white sand and crystal clear water on Stradbroke Island. From the rolling surf at Point Lookout, to the calm bay waters of Amity Point and Dunwich, North & South Stradbroke Island has a range of beaches to suit your needs. The various beaches are suitable for swimming, surfing, sunbathing or fishing and are a great place to visit all year round.

Main Beach

Amity Beach on North Stradbroke Island

Stretches for 32kms of unspoilt sand, dunes and surf. It is popular with boardriders and bodysurfers who enjoy the big swells. The waves are large and powerful and the views are spectacular.

The headland is the best vantage point for watching the surfing action and spotting dolphins. Main Beach is best during northerly winds, when snorkelling and scuba diving is suitable along the north wall.

Cylinder Beach

Picturesque cove between Cylinder and Home Beach Headlands. It is popular with families because it is easily accessible with a campsite and carpark situated only metres from the beach.

Cylinder Beach on North Stradbroke Island

The waves at Cylinder are often smaller and therefore it is perfect for sun bathing and swimming during good weather conditions. Cylinder Beach is a favourite with surfers when the conditions are right.

Home Beach

Accessed through a 4WD track, Adder Rock campground and a walking track from the main road. This beach provides an attractive spot for swimming and is popular with campers.

Deadman's Beach & Frenchman's Beach

Deadmans Beach on North Stradbroke Island

Secluded spots, nestled between the North Gorge and Cylinder Beach. These beaches are great places to explore the rockpools, where you can see small fish, anemones, shells and crabs. There are no lifesaving patrols on these beaches.

Flinder's Beach

Situated between Amity Point and Point Lookout, 19km from Dunwich. Flinder's Beach has a beachfront campsite, and is accessible only be 4WD from Amity Point or Point Lookout.

On the western side of the island, Amity Point and Dunwich offer sandy beaches and calm water for swimming and great fishing.