Stradbroke Island Travel Information

Sunset, Stradbroke Island

To assist with the planning or booking details of your island holiday at North Stradbroke Island, contact the friendly team at Stradbroke Island Tourism or Redlands Tourism.

Stradbroke Island Tourism is located at Dunwich, 200 metres from where you unload from the vehicular ferry or water taxi on North Stradbroke Island.

Redlands Tourism is located 100 metres from Cleveland Railway Station, and just near where the Stradbroke bus collects non-vehicle travelers to North Stradbroke Island.

Couple walking sunset, Stradbroke Island

Stradbroke Island Tourism
Junner Street
Dunwich QLD 4183
Ph: (07) 3409 9555
Fax: (07) 3409 9789

Redlands Tourism
152 Shore Street West
Cleveland QLD 4163
Ph: (07) 3821 0057
Fax: (07) 3821 3875

Website: Redlands Tourism

Stradbroke Island General Information

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North Stradbroke Island is an Australian island in the state of Queensland, ... In that year a storm separated it from South Stradbroke Island,.

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